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How does virtual instructor lead training (VILT) fit into your overall blended learning strategy? While VILT might not have the same networking and time-compaction elements that live classroom training provides, it does have a real impact on long-term retention. BCI uses the notion of "spaced learning" in its approach to VILT. Instead of the time compression that we use in our live workshops and custom training venues, we instead deliver the same course materials over several days and/or weeks. That learning principle is called "spaced learning1."

How does spaced learning impact retention? According to learning experts and learning associations, the improvement in long-term retention is 200% higher when spaced learning is used. The typical "Forgetting Curve" as described by Ebbinghaus shows that most of us forget up to 80% after a typical classroom training event. That's precisely why we recommend reinforcing classroom training with learning reinforcement tools such as our ReCall product. However, in the spaced learning delivery method, less than 15% of the materials covered are forgotten.

BCI thinks that our clients' "Digital Learning Strategy" should include a mixture of delivery modalities that take into account "time to market" considerations as well as learning retention. VILT, along with our BCI E-Learning Core and Supplemental Series, our ReCall learning reinforcement tools, and our extensive video refresher libraries can help you round out your digital learning strategy.


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All courses marked "PUBLIC" are available in an open enrollment format on a fixed schedule or in a private format at the time and dates of your choice.

Virtual Customer Outcome Selling

This program includes best practices for all phases of the sales cycle that will help drive new business and higher margins.

Virtual Exceptional Presentations

Virtual training to help you to learn to overcome your fear of presenting and even learn to put your anxiety to work for you.

Virtual Win-Win Negotiations

Strengthen the negotiation skills of any negotiator through extensive role-playing, interactive exercises, real-life field work and team coaching.

Virtual Exceptional Management

Enables managers to practice and develop techniques for communication, conflict management, motivation, delegation & evaluation.

Virtual Telephone Selling Skills

Telephone Selling Skills teaches the necessary skills to increase your sales and profitability over the telephone.

Virtual Customer Service Skills

This 4 module virtual course will help you unlock insights into customer needs, empowering you to bring your Customer Service skills to life.

Virtual Time Management Skills

Through this 3-part online Time Management training, you will learn to recognize and correct time management traps.

Virtual Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative Selling Skills teaches sales organizations and people to stop “pushing” their products and start “pulling” customers.

Virtual Selling Skills

Conquer the “New Normal”: Learn how to thrive in a virtual selling environment with four 90 minutes online modules.

Virtual Pathways to Growth

Leveraging time-tested sales management activities, these proven nine disciplines focus on developing and retaining the best talent in the market.

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