Tina Peterson - Project Manager, Industrial Cooperation, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"Leslie was great. I was very intimidated by the topic and she broke it down for me and eased me into the process in a way that helped me learn and apply in an environment that didn't make me shut down, giving constructive criticism and redirection. "

Eric Bender - Tech Sales Manager, Lafarge Canada Inc

"One of the most professional and inspirational trainers I have ever had in my time with Lafarge in training courses. He opened my eyes to several different approaches to negotiation and how to be more successfu in daily interactions/conversations... "

Richard Stauffer - Subcontract Manager, Moog Inc.

"Very dynamic and interactive course. We were involved from the start and the time flew by. this was my first formal negotiation training and I am so glad I attended. The instructor was fantastic. "

Susana Sullivan - Sales, World FuelL Services

"Every minute of this training session was engaging and educational. I was impressed by how much I learned in such a short amount of time. "

Laura Klein - Business Development, Intertek -

"Valuable information that was applied immediately in my everyday life.The class taught me to be more confident in any negotiation scenarios. "