Win-Win Negotiations

Public or Private Win-Win Negotiations Training Course

The key to a win-win approach is finding ways to help both sides feel successful, rather than just focusing on getting what we want. This approach helps to solidify long-term relationships and partnerships - both externally and within our own organization - and builds positive momentum for every future negotiation.

Our award-winning Win-Win Negotiations training helps individuals tap into their own strengths and experiences, hone their skills, and align around a proven framework - so you approach every negotiation with a plan, and with the confidence to achieve your goals. You'll learn and practice your new skills through multiple role plays and fun group activities.

If you're looking for a specialized solution, we regularly tailor workshops to focus on Contract Negotiations, Sales Negotiations (a big favorite), Negotiating with Limited Authority, and other key areas.


  • Boost confidence and maximize effectiveness in any scenario.
  • Increase profits through well-planned collaboration and concession strategies.
  • Shift from using tactics to planning, while reinforcing key corporate values.
  • Focus upon interests and issues and avoid dangerous positions.
  • Enhance communications by developing a common negotiation language.
  • Build strong relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues.

Customer Success

"...provided me the tools to implement first class negotiation tactics and style to any situation, plus allowed me to hone the newfound skills to specific issues related to my current job.

Pat Gerleman, Activision

Delivery Methods

Our Win-win negotiations training is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs.

Public Workshops
Available throughout the country in over 20 cities. Perfect for individuals or small groups. See the schedule
Private Workshops
We bring the training to your location. Available in an off-the-shelf format, or with customized features created to meet your requirements.
Virtual Coaching
Delivered totally online to cut out travel costs, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.
24/7 access to award-winning negotiation training, learn and practice critical skills anytime, anywhere, on any device, over 100 interactive videos designed to maximize engagement.
Make learning fun, flexible and memorable with online games. A great tool for reinforcement, tracking your team's progress, and identifying growth opportunities.

Other Negotiation Training

Learn to negotiate for what you need while strengthening relationships with customers, colleagues, and even friends and family members.

Negotiate your way to a win-win in any situation

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