Negotiating to Resolve Conflict Workshop

Empower yourself with Negotiation Skills in order to resolve conflict. 98% of success in your business and personal life depends on success in your negotiations. Unfortunately, most of us when faced with confrontation at work, at home, or on the street, tend to react through habit or emotion and that can often lead to disastrous consequences. It's probable that most people have made that mistake at one time or another and have come out with a less than a satisfactory negotiated agreement.

The good news is it doesn't have to be that way. Negotiating To Resolve Conflict is Baker Communications’ one-day workshop that focuses on understanding how and why conflict arises and how to negotiate in order to resolve the conflict. Negotiations is an art and a science; once trained, you can respond professionally and calmly under any conflict related condition. Through Baker Communications’ highly interactive, game playing, digitally video recorded role playing and personal feedback, you will learn how to manage conflict, and how to effectively negotiate and gain agreement that will satisfy the needs of both parties. Baker’s approach will help you maintain the proper level of emotion and reduce your stress.

On-Site Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.


Participants will learn to:

  • Reinforce and enhance good communications skills during interpersonal negotiations.
  • Learn how to be a better listener and communicator through negotiations digitally video recorded role playing.
  • Minimize conflict and negotiation deadlocks by learning the skills necessary to negotiate and communicate with difficult people.
  • Integrate learned skills with internal and external clients and employee behaviors to enhance your personal effectiveness.
  • Increase your negotiation effectiveness in all business situations where negotiating effectively with peers, subordinates, and superiors is required.
  • Learn to help others focus on interests and not take unreasonable positions.
  • Increase your confidence and belief in yourself as a negotiator.
  • Enhance your communications through the development of a common negotiation language.
  • Turn adversarial situations into welcome opportunities to communicate openly and effectively.
  • Understand and deal with the issues important to all parties in daily situations.
  • Deal effectively with passive aggressive individuals during negotiations interchanges.

For more information and pricing, please complete this form and we will email you a confidential Annotated Outline that will provide you with an hour by hour description of this training seminar.

Class Size: 8-20 (Please note that we can increase the class size for private seminars)
Length: 1 day
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM