Learn selling, negotiation, and customer service skills using Alexa’s powerful voice platform

Baker Communications, Inc. (BCI) just launched 6 free courses on the Amazon Alexa platform. You can click on the Amazon store links below to ‘enable’ them on your Alexa device(s), FireStick or smartphone:

- Teach Me Selling - (https://www.amazon.com/Joe-DiDonato-Teach-Me-Selling/dp/B07RZL3SMY/)
- Teach Me Negotiations - (https://www.amazon.com/Joe-DiDonato-Teach-Me-Negotiations/dp/B07RZRMY5F/)
- Teach Me Presentations - (https://www.amazon.com/Joe-DiDonato-Teach-Me-Presentations/dp/B07RZSLCRT/)
- Teach Me Time Management - (https://www.amazon.com/Joe-DiDonato-Teach-Time-Management/dp/B07S1YGN1L/)
- Teach Me Management - (https://www.amazon.com/Joe-DiDonato-Teach-Me-Management/dp/B07S1TFTLK/)
- Teach Me Exceptional Customer Service - (https://www.amazon.com/Teach-Me-Exceptional-Customer-Service/dp/B07S73GH3G/)

BCI also released an example of how the device can be used for certification training, with another Alexa skill called Mastery Demonstration. This skill shows how you can use the platform for mastery learning, a learning process that can lead to certification in many skills. The process is simple. You can’t move to the next topic, until you can demonstrate that you know the current topic. And the interfaces are numerous, from showing additional learning resources, to even allowing the user to call in to a help center for more assistance.

Baker Communications believes that the more accessible training can be, the more ways a learner can grow in their career, as well as improve their performance on the job. BCI has won multiple awards for offering the best sales training throughout its 40-year history of providing performance training. This is a chance to experience some of that training on the Alexa platform.

But here’s some more good news!

After you listen to the Mastery Demonstration skill, and if you’d like to see the difference in one of our live workshops, BCI will arrange that for you as well - for free. You just have to provide the answer to the first test question to the company when you call in. There are restrictions that apply, such as one individual per sales team or company.

The company’s CEO, Walter Rogers commented, “We just want you to experience first-hand, why we’ve been named one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in the world. You can go here to see the entire list: upcoming workshops.” To attend as BCI’s guest, or to have a member of your sales team attend, just call BCI at their Houston Corporate Offices at 713-627-7700, and provide the correct answer.

Joe DiDonato, Baker Communications Chief of Staff went on to say, “We agree with Mark Cuban that these new platforms, combined with other traditional offerings, will help change the future of learning for you and your team.”