BCI announced that they’re making a new e-learning platform available to their clients called L.E.A.P. It stands for - Learn. Enable. Apply. Process. – the four steps it uses for engaging learners. According to Joe DiDonato, who made the announcement on behalf of BCI, “One of the biggest disappointments in the world of e-learning has been completion rates. Although it’s better than when online learning first appeared, today’s completion rates still average only 13%.”

The company said that it’s new platform has been tested with a leading speaker in the leadership arena, and that the platform produced an average completion rate of 95% over 100’s of learners. Adding to that performance was a Net Promoter Score of 9/10. The company says that these results were achieved by adding some very key components that were missing in many of the current platforms. Chief amongst these functions were tools to take the learner out of the typical isolated environment experienced by most e-learning users.

This key functionality included establishing a social accountability for the learners, providing them with instantaneous coach/teacher assistance, as well as cohort collaboration, social media interactions, and a very ‘active’ learning environment. According to the company, the combination of these functionality additions was responsible for the jump from 13% to 95% completion ratings.
The next part of the company’s efforts has been around creating a drag-and-drop kind of functionality that makes it more like a PowerPoint-type interface to build the courses. That allows creation time for e-learning to drop substantially.

At this point the company is reaching out to its customer base to widen the experimentation and share the knowledge it has gained around this new release. The company is also in conversations with online universities and other platform partners to help them further test the platform’s versatility.

The company says the results are pretty promising, including a 730% improvement in completion rates, which in turn, translates to a better return on a company’s e-learning investments. The new drag-and-drop type course building templates are also producing 375% improvements in savings for instructional design.

Although it is still early in their efforts, Joe DiDonato, a recipient of Elearning! magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, says, “We’re very encouraged by what we’re seeing. Most of what we’re putting into the platform is based on research coming out of many parts of the industry, including the fine work being done by Stanford’s NovoEd. This gives us a lot of confidence that the functionality additions are based on solid research and testing.”

DiDonato went on to say that he’s also working with some key corporate partners to built a nationwide pilot that he hopes to give to the Wounded Warrior Project and the VA to help returning military cross over successfully into the business world. Part of that effort is to assist them in building resumes, understanding how to get their credentials in front of recruiters using LinkedIn, and working with them to build their interviewing skills. Joe says the ability to share their resumes and LinkedIn profiles with cohorts around the country makes this more like being in a workshop with a cohort of other learners.

The company said that it would be happy to share their knowledge with other proponents of online learning and would allow some proponents to play around with the platform. For more information, please contact Baker Communications at www.BCICorp.com or email Joe DiDonato directly at jdidonato@bcicorp.com.

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