Baker Communications is working with a research team from the University of Texas to build a first-of-its-kind assessment that will identify a seller's aptitude to focus on customer outcomes more than their bias to sell an offering, ultimately always putting a customer's desires first.

If a seller is focused on helping customers meet his/her outcomes rather than "pushing" a solution, service or product, then the seller will have a greater probability of success.

Study Goals

This data collection project has three goals, which are not mutually exclusive:

  1. Aptitude and Training Readiness: Identify traits and skills that make someone a particularly good candidate for this style of sales. Identify elements that predict which aspects of the training are most likely to be taken up by an individual. Identify elements that predict which aspects of the training are most needed.
  2. Adoption: Identify after the training (either right after or longer-term) which elements of the training people have taken up and used. Explore characteristics of those individuals (both traits and existing skills) that predict which elements are likely to be adopted.
  3. Signals that additional training is needed: Identify behaviors and markers of performance that indicate that an individual or team would benefit from another round of training.

Skills Tested

There are three major skills that the assessment will measure:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: How to read potential clients to understand the kind of information they want to hear and the best possible way to present it to them.
  2. Conscientiousness: How to stick with procedures for learning about customers, identifying their needs, and engaging in a way that may conflict with existing habits.
  3. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge: Instill in sales people the understanding that you cannot sell effectively unless you know a lot about the industry, the company you are selling to, their needs, and the individual who is your point of contact. Sales is not just about domain-general tips for selling. It is also about knowing a lot.

Companies approved to participate in this study will gain substantial benefit without incurring any financial cost.

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BCI Skill Assessment

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