CapSpecialty, a specialty insurance provider for small and mid-sized businesses, has asked Baker Communications to deliver a short keynote focused on Win-Win Negotiations for its team. CapSpecialty was seeking a trainer with subject-matter expertise and the ability to customize a short address focused on negotiations concepts and strategies.

A Baker Win-Win Negotiations Senior Level Training Instructor will deliver the keynote for CapSpecialty. This short learning experience will provide attendees with valuable concepts and strategies for negotiations, such as setting expectations with a prepared Wish, Aspiration, and Bottom Line, helping them plan for the negotiation and appropriately handle any offers or requests for concessions.

About Baker Communications

As one of America's fastest-growing corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped nearly two million professionals reach maximum performance for over 35 years. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including ExxonMobil, General Electric and Bank of America depend on Baker Communications to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. Baker provides customized targeted practice-driven performance improvement solutions that produce rapid, measurable results. Baker Communications' solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

About CapSpecialty

CapSpecialty, is are committed to being the preferred specialty insurance provider for small and mid-sized businesses across the U.S. With a keen understanding of what matters most to specialty insurance and surety agents and brokers, they know how important it is to manage risk in today's increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment. By being especially responsive, recognizing unique opportunities and embracing action, CapSpecialty serves a select group of partners with unwavering focus. Its agile specialists look at risk differently, underwrite it carefully and, together with partners, find the rewards others can't.

CapSpecialty has cultivated a national presence with offices in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Texas and Wisconsin, which furthers a personal approach to business and helps to foster partner relationships. The financial stability of its carriers, Capitol Indemnity Corporation, Capitol Specialty Insurance Corporation and Platte River, is rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best. They are proud to support and be members of professional insurance organizations such as AAMGA, NAPSLO, NASBP, PCI and PLUS.

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