EDP Renewables, a global leader in the renewable energy sector, has asked Baker Communications to deliver more sessions of its customized Win-Win Negotiations training for its managers and team members across the Western hemisphere. EDPR came to BCI last year when seeking a training partner for multiple needs across their organization. After meeting with success in workshops across multiple topics, EDPR has contracted with BCI for their negotiation training programs. Baker's client-focused, flexible approach and proven training curriculum is a good match for EDPR's training needs.

Senior-Level Baker Instructors and Negotiations Experts will meet with EDPR employees to deliver the workshops in multiple locations throughout the Western hemisphere. These intensive training programs will provide participants with opportunities to learn and practice effective negotiation skills and strategies, such as setting expectations with a prepared Wish, Aspiration, and Bottom Line, helping them to appropriately handle any offers or requests for concessions. Participants in these negotiations training workshops will also gain training and practice in recognizing and overcoming many of the most common negotiation tactics, enhancing their ability to stay one step ahead throughout the negotiation process.

About Baker Communications

As one of America's fastest-growing corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped nearly two million professionals reach maximum performance for over 35 years. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including ExxonMobil, General Electric and Bank of America depend on Baker Communications to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. Baker provides customized targeted practice-driven performance improvement solutions that produce rapid, measurable results. Baker Communications' solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

About EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR) is a leading, global renewable energy company devoted to value creation, innovation and sustainability. They operate in markets around the globe and are continuously expanding their business to new regions, making the commitment to lead in each market as well as create value for stakeholders and shareholders.

EDPR has developed wind farms since 1996 and was first listed publicly in June 2008. EDPR's global presence is managed by two regional platforms which oversee the development, construction and operation of assets in their geographic areas. EDPR Europe, headquartered in Madrid, manages assets located in the European Union, and other Regions renewable energy assets of the EDP Group and EDPR North America, headquartered in Houston, manages assets in the United States and Canada.

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