Baker Communications (BCI) Proudly Congratulate Amazon Web Services, American Heart Association, and SAP for Winning the Coveted Global Learning! 100 Award

Three more Baker Communications (BCI) clients were honored as 2019 Global Learning! 100 Award winners. Amazon Web Services took the number two spot in the awards, with American Heart Association and SAP finishing in the Elite 50 category.


Amazon Web Services' Sales Launch program won the number two spot in 2019, and was designed to scale globally providing their sellers with experiential learning and reinforcement to improve the time it takes for a new hire seller or manager to get to full productivity. The program is a combination of cloud competency learning, a 3-day experiential learning class, an e-learning sales simulator that presents sellers with challenges that they may encounter in the first few months working with customers and a continuous learning journey that is all designed to teach new Commercial Sales Account Managers the essential knowledge, skills, resources, and tools to be successful in their role.


Also finishing high in the Elite 50 program was AHA. American Heart Association wanted to establish a unified fundraising process and culture across their organization for both Volunteer-centric and Direct groups. Besides this unified fundraising process, AHA also wanted to support their staff in articulating the mission, impact, and programs of the AHA, as well as reach critical thresholds in areas of revenue and health goals. These business outcomes led to the creation of the “Building Powerful Partnerships” program.

The program exceeded all expectations and helped American Heart Association achieve their critical goals, which in turn helped them continue their wonderful work at the non-profit.


One of the more innovative programs run by the SAP Sales Academy is a program that helps enable early talent to become the next generation of sales professionals to fulfill SAP’s mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

This particular program runs 3 times per year to an average group of 100 sellers from all over the globe. The students who are chosen from 30,000 to 40,000 applicants, who are nominated as the best and brightest in their regions. To facilitate this diversity of cultures and languages, 10-12 global facilitators are brought in to teach these diverse groups. The students remain on campus for 4 weeks, then go into the field for 8 weeks, and then come back for 4 more weeks on campus. The students receive training in sales, negotiations, presentation skills, behavioral intelligence, emotional intelligence, whiteboarding, and many other topics.

The impact of the program has been to send Account Executives into the field with a very strong toolkit of skills, and intense practice with very experienced faculty and 3rd party partners. Performance of these graduates has demonstrated the success of this Academy program through quick entry into impactful customer interactions, shortened time to higher levels of sales, quality of their sales interactions, and ramp up time to peak high performance. The program has attracted the attention of the entire SAP enterprise, and often receives visits of the company’s highest-level executives – and customers – during the workshop sessions.

In the past two years, Baker Communications had 13 of their clients receive the Learning! 100 Award, including 7 Top 5 place finishers. Their success stories are shown here: 2017 and 2018. According to Walter Rogers, “Our success is measured by our customers’ success, which has always been our first priority.” Rogers went on to say, “That’s why our customers continue to partner with us for decades.”

Our congratulations to this year's winners, whose hard work and devotion once again proved that world-class performance never happens by accident.

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