The Distinguished Leader Podcast Series

The pace of change in the world is increasing exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. Leadership is evolving and requires more and more innovative leaders to keep up. Many leaders update what they lead but not how they think about and act as leaders. They become outdated. This matters because leadership creates strategic advantage.

This series features interviews with business executives, thought leaders and academics in a wide range of industries to discuss how they are bringing innovation to transform their challenges into opportunities. The application of proven concepts and tools that may be applied to build your organization and deliver sustainable success are presented and discussed.

Recession-proofing your sales team

Recession is a very real possibility - if not probability - if the worldwide economy continues on its present path. How can you recession-proof your organization? With data…and people. The two may seem to be polar opposites but mixing good data about your sales team along with employee-centric leadership forges a two-sided key to surviving - even thriving in - a recession. Chris Resch of tech firm 66 Degrees and Baker Communications' Joe DiDonato join host Maureen Metcalf to reveal how these tools can be used. Downsizing is the C-suite's knee-jerk reaction to slower sales in a recession; Joe talks about the downward spiral that creates…and Chris discusses how combining data with understanding people can lead your team to beneficial right-sizing.

Reinventing Sales Enablement

On the Baker Communications Sales Leader Series, Jill Guardia, Executive Director of Sales Enablement at TriNet, Debbi Varela, Leader in Revenue Enablement at ProCore and Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff at Baker Communications join Maureen to discuss Sales Enablement, why this is important to the sales organization, what the value proposition for sales enablement is and how to build a team around you.

Collaboration that leads to improved sales performance

Data science, how can we use it to improve sales performance? Maureen is joined by a panel that will share how Baker Communications and MindTickle are joining together to use data science to improve sales performance. They will look back at how previous methods have failed and how these new, innovative approaches are accelerating sales growth and company efficiencies. Maureen is joined by Mike Clayville, Chief Revenue Officer at Stripe, Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy Officer at MindTickle and Walter Rogers, CEO and Board Member of Baker Communications, Inc.

Data Science in Hiring and Training Decisions

Dave Kurlan, founder and CEO of Objective Management Group and Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff for Baker Communications join the show to discuss a much-needed tool that's coming into widespread use in the hiring, onboarding, training and coaching of salespeople. It uses data science to help diagnose strengths and identify skill gaps to aid in our hiring and training decisions. And for most sales executives it's a welcome addition that helps them solve the problem of sales turnover, which currently plagues the industry at an astronomical 34.7%. This assessment was designed by Objective Management Group and used by Baker Communications to help their clients accelerate sales performance, reduce turnover, and compress the time it takes to get sellers into the field selling.

Using data to drive hiring, training and onboarding decisions

The churn rate of salespeople leaving their jobs is over 50% in many organizations. Can a sales leader improve those odds? Yes — by using data science to drive decisions in hiring, training, coaching, and onboarding members of your sales or development team. Marcela Piñeros of Stripe and Joe DiDonato of Baker Communications share their real world examples of how data helps pinpoint areas of sales skills that need to be addressed at a more granular level — and how that shift in thinking can help you raise your sales team’s revenue contributions in a drastically shorter period of time.

Using formal sales process to improve sales performance

The COVID pandemic crushed sales for many businesses, but not at AVI Systems. When building a world class sales team, an organization needs to implement a formal sales process proven to improve sales performance. This formal sales process is like the back office for sales. Joe DiDonato (BCI) and Don Mastro (AVI Systems) join Host Maureen Metcalf to discuss their experiences, as well as the case study they wrote about what Don did to get his AVI Systems team through the pandemic — and then skyrocket sales.

Finding Strength by assessing your team

Good assessments can provide fresh insights into the strengths of your top performers — And ways to build those strengths in the rest of your team. Allison Duquette of CampusLogic Discusses her real-world use of assessment tools with her sales team, along with the refreshing surprises encountered along the way! Host Maureen Metcalf is joined by Allison Duquette of CampusLogic on her experiences boosting her sales team with assessments, along with Joe DiDonato of BCI, who provides a framework for the assessment process.