BCI teams with FunnelSource to provide powerful visibility into an organization's sales pipeline

FunnelSource is a one of the key components for companies to achieve and maintain phenomenal growth.”— Walter RogersBaker Communications, Inc. (BCI) announced today that it has partnered with FunnelSource to provide a powerful pipeline analytical tool for sales teams. According to the company, the tool will improve sales pipeline meetings and coaching sessions by providing powerful visibility into an organization's sales pipeline. The company went on to say that much of the strength of the tool comes from its exclusive, native integration with salesforce.com.

According to Walter Rogers, CEO of Baker Communications, "FunnelSource is a very important tool to help companies achieve and maintain excellent growth rates. Internally, we use the tool daily to monitor the health of our own pipeline, as well as analyze trends in both the size and frequency of incoming orders." He went on to say that FunnelSource is utilized by every member of the Sales organization to maximize the efficiency of weekly coaching calls, as well as for the master sales team meetings. "It puts every member of our sales team, from our Sales VPs to individual sellers, on the same page," Mr. Rogers added.

The company said that the FunnelSource product gives sellers a single screen snapshot to boost their efficiency, data integrity, and accountability, by isolating where it's most needed. Sales executives and managers are provided with a real-time view of the sales funnel so that they can proactively manage and hold their sellers accountable.

Joe DiDonato, BCI's Chief of Staff added, "There are two key advantages of using FunnelSource. The first is that it provides data that can prevent 'sandbagging.' The tool's second advantage is that it can give quicker visibility into bad deals. Both of these factors will tighten the forecast when used as a consistent part of the sales team's processes." Mr. DiDonato mentioned that the director of planning at one of BCI's major client shops credited FunnelSource as one of the key tools that has helped them maintain their phenomenal growth rate.

According to BCI, the tool itself has several key features that make it so effective:

- The tool is built natively inside salesforce.com;
- It provides single-screen visibility into the pipeline and forecast;
- The tool provides an overall view of the pipeline broken down by forecast category;
- It enables users to see pipeline changes over any time period;
- Trends and risks are easily highlighted so that the team can take action and avoid end-of-quarter surprises; and
- Performance can be viewed across any time period.

As a result, the company proclaimed that in a single view, sales executives and sellers are able to see key sales analytics, as well as gain meaningful business insights. This capability helps empower sellers to take control of their own sales path, by providing them with self-policing (data integrity) alerts that allow sales reps to stay on top of their deals.

To learn more about this important new pipeline visibility tool, please visit https://www.BakerCommunications.com/funnelsource.html


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