Baker Communications announces 6 free, Alexa-based courses and a free, in-depth assessment tool for people looking to transition to higher-paying sales jobs.

Baker Communications, Inc. (BCI) announced that the company has published 6 free courses on the Alexa platform for individuals interested in moving to a higher-paying career as a Sales Professional. These free courses can be combined with a free sales assessment to help people decide if they have the right mix of skills and attributes to make a successful career shift to a higher-paying, six-figure-plus sales job.

The purpose of the Alexa-based courses is to give potential sellers an introduction to the key concepts in the world of selling. According to the company, once candidates go through these courses, BCI then allows these potential new sales reps to take an in-depth industry assessment that will define their likelihood of success, should they decide to switch careers.

Why is BCI doing this? According to Walter Rogers, Baker Communications’ CEO, “There is a real shortage of candidates moving into these new career positions. Many of our high-tech clients add thousands of new sales people each year. Finding people that possess both the technical and soft skills necessary for success can be a daunting task.” Mr. Rogers went on further to say, that many of these jobs go unfilled each year.

But what if you’re technical? From the technical candidate’s point of view, one of the most difficult decisions they have to make is whether they can successfully make the transition to a consultative selling role. The combination of these courses, combined with the assessment, will help each person answer the question, “Do I have the necessary skills and attributes to make the career shift?”

To take some of the guesswork out of the equation, the sales hiring assessment predicts sales success with a 91% predictive validity rate. The science is based on sales-specific data collected from almost 2 million sales professionals around the world. It is the largest repository of sales-specific data in the world. The company went on to say that 91% of the recommended and hired candidates have reached the top half of their sales team within 12 months. Seventy-five percent (75%) of those hired - and "not recommended" - failed within six months.

According to the company, if you’ve ever thought of making the career shift, this will help answer your questions about your potential success. The six courses offered are as follows, and their links can be found on the company’s website at

Teach Me Selling
Teach Me Negotiations
Teach Me Presentations
Teach Me Time Management
Teach Me Management
Teach Me Exceptional Customer Service

Once the above courses are completed, individuals can go to the company’s home page at and click on the “Sales Assessment & Candidate Analyzer” to go through the assessment process. More advanced versions of these courses, along with these highly-predictive sales assessments are in use by many of the company’s largest customers.

According to Joe DiDonato, BCI’s Chief of Staff, “The cost of making a hiring mistake can be very painful in today’s fast-paced markets. Acquisition costs average around $30,0000 and training costs can amount to another $36,000 to get a new sales rep ready to sell a company’s product. But the real cost is lost opportunity. It takes an average of 6.2 months to replace or hire a new sales rep. When quotas are in the $1 Million range, taking 6.2 months to replace an individual equates to $517,000 in lost sales.”

To find out more about these offerings, simply go to to begin the process for yourself. If you’re a recruiter for these companies, and you know someone who you think would make a good sales professional, the company suggests that you forward them this opportunity.


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BCI offers a full-range of options for learners. These options include our proprietary and custom workshops, as well as a full line of technology that provides advanced insights into each seller, a Sales Mastery online video library, voice and ambient computing learning technologies, and other new learning reinforcement applications under development.