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  • Over 1.7 million assessed in over 26,500 companies in 200 industries and 115 countries
  • 75% of sales candidates hired AGAINST our recommendation failed within 6 months.
  • 92% of sales candidates hired on our recommendation reached the top half of the sales force within 12 months.
  • Strong Salespeople score 375% better than weak salespeople
  • Our assessment is available in 19 languages.

Baker Communications is proud to offer the best-in-class Sales Assessment and Sales Candidate Analyzer Tool in the world. Combined with our award winning Selling and Coaching systems, you will enhance your ability to grow sales, profits and market share.

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The One and Only Sales Assessment PROVEN to predict and diagnose sales success accurately 96% of the time. Measures 21 competencies for sales people and 28 competencies for sales managers/leaders

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Customer Feedback

"Almost two years ago, we began using Baker Communication's Sales Hiring Assessment Tool and it has been an incredible time saver for me personally, and for our entire World Fuel team around the world. This tool saves me personally about EIGHT-THREE hours PER open sales position. That's two-weeks of my time that was eaten up by our archaic sales hiring process!

Thanks to this tool, I review only the top THREE resumes per position, interview them with questions provided to me from their individualized results and make an offer, knowing WITH CONFIDENCE that this hire WILL BE successful in sales at World Fuel. This tool has proven itself ACCURATE time-and-time again and what we have learned thanks to their science-backed data, is just because our sales cycle is long and complex, doesn't mean our hiring process has to be as well."

Ariel Rivera, Vice President, Dealer Sales - World Fuel Services.

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