Course Outcomes:

  • Deepen team and self-awareness through Johari window application
  • Discover the benefits of open communication
  • Explore your own communication style and the effect that it has on others
  • Adapt messages to accommodate behavioral style differences
  • Identify the different behavioral styles
  • Implement the 3F model
  • Avoid and resolve conflicts

Looking to improve your conflict management skills and be able to handle complex moments in the work environment?

Our Conflict Management workshop will give you the tools and skills needed to resolve conflicts of any kind.

Today’s work environment is filled with the complexities of deadlines, competing priorities, work stressors and many more demands, often leading to miscommunication and conflict. Conflict management and effective communication skills can help resolve tension and disagreements, encourage understanding, and promote a more efficient use of everyone's time.

There are multiple sources that can cause conflict. As a leader, it’s important to recognize these sources and learn to effectively deescalate them, creating the strongest work environment possible.

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