Course Outcomes:

  • Gain greater awareness of how to build trust with customers.
  • Identify customers' personal needs and behaviors and learn how to best interact with them.
  • Explore the SPORTS model to interact with customers.
  • Develop the questioning, listening, and analytical skills necessary to perform an in-depth analysis of customers.
  • Reimagine customer service thinking to a Customer Obsessed mindset that will create a compelling story of success for each customer interaction.

Are you looking to deepen your relationships with customers?

All customers - even sales professionals - value trust in a business relationship. In today's business world and economic climate, customers are constantly evaluating the level of trust. The stronger the trust level, the deeper the business relationship is likely to become, and the more loyal the customer will be. The goal of this class is to help you achieve that powerful but rare pinnacle of customer trust often referred to as the Trusted Advisor.

The Trusted Advisor workshop does not try to provide experienced sales reps with new sales skills or uncover more selling best practices. Instead, this course is designed to help participants leverage the selling skills and best practices they already know and use every day in order to drive their customer relationships to higher and even more profitable levels - ultimately, to the Trusted Advisor level wherever possible.

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