Course Outcomes:

  • Recognize the uniqueness of the online medium
  • How to compensate for the loss of visual contact or live participation
  • Gain maximum effect with varied audiences
  • Develop clear, concise, and persuasive online presentations
  • Capture attention and influence an audience
  • Overcome nervousness and project control and confidence
  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency
  • Use virtual tools to engage the audience
  • Implement virtual audience involvement techniques
  • Generate a plan to improve their virtual image through skills and practice

Looking to grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged during virtual meetings and presentations?

It's all in what you say... and how you say it. The purpose of presenting is to effectively communicate a message to an audience. Sounds easy, right? The problem is that getting that message across requires work - a lot of work!

This workshop focuses on teaching participants methods of virtual business communications and effective online presentation skills including preparation, structure, delivery, strategy, using visual aids, effective virtual gestures and handling question and answer sessions. Emphasis is placed on how to effectively leverage technology within all types of online presentations.

This workshop is highly participatory and utilizes the WebEx (or similar) platform to complete individual and group exercises. Additionally, participants will prepare and receive feedback on an individual presentation of their choice.

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