CRM Adoption

CRM Adoption Solutions to Increase ROI

CRM Fusion

At BCI, we go beyond adoption because CRM goes beyond technology. Our goal is to help you use CRM to fuse your technology, process, and people together - uniting them into a cohesive whole focused on customers - and, in the process, igniting a spark that will transform your entire culture.


  • Enact, reinforce, and sustain a constant reliance on CRM to drive adoption, shorten time to competency, and maximize your system
  • Optimize your CRM technology and processes to support - and speed up - your day-to-day workflow
  • Shorten your sales cycle by aligning activities around the customer
  • Integrate best practices for meetings, coaching, training and communication that result in more accurate forecasting, cleaner pipeline, and consistent team behaviors
  • Breathe new life into your company by empowering your team to reach and support customers like never before

Today's CRM technology has transformed the way we approach customers. From industry-leading Salesforce to the ever-growing field of new CRM platforms, keeping up with this vibrant industry is becoming a huge challenge for companies around the world. And the numbers show this to be true. As of 2012, companies still had not taken advantage of 80% of potential benefits from CRM use (Nucleus Research, Inc.).

The fact is you can have the best selling process, the best systems and tools, but unless these tools fit into your day-to-day activities and goals with customers, your implementation and investment will be at a loss.

CRM adoption is not about adopting a tool - it's adopting a new way to work.

* All courses marked "CUSTOM" require additional discovery and content modification (Usually a minimum of 6 weeks) to match your specific needs. We have several thousand learning modules that can be utilized to make these courses unique to your needs. We can also modify all of our courses with your logos, colors, and naming conventions. Contact us to begin the process.

Our solutions focus on 3 key areas that turn CRM from a platform into a launching pad for your strategy and culture.


From the start, we'll work hand-in-hand with you to uncover and focus on challenges, strategies, and outcomes to create a roadmap for success - and outline measurements and metrics to track progress and recognize success every step of the way.

Train & Coach

Going beyond basic CRM feature/function training, we help your team at all levels (from execs to reps) enact behaviors united around the same goals and methods. And we'll help your leaders strengthen training and coaching skills for ongoing reinforcement.


To help your team understand not just the whats but the whys of CRM, we'll work with you to craft a roll-out plan and best practices for reinforcement, while using our patented communication platform to infuse CRM into every aspect of your culture.

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