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World class performance is achieved by combining important learning elements: proven classroom content, practice, reinforcement and coaching, as well as delivery technologies that can reach any seller at any time. To help you reach more learners, as well as help you achieve higher levels of performance from your learners, BCI has invested in multiple delivery modalities.

From a learning perspective, we offer you the following choices:

Each one of these delivery methods can be used in standalone format and/or in combination with other modalities. The good news is that this isn't an all-or-nothing approach. As you can see from the graphic, adding just the learning reinforcement element to any topic will greatly improve retention and help your learners achieve a much higher level of performance. That can be done inexpensively with technology and through a planned cadence of coaching - on one topic, or on an entire training curriculum.

Think of it like learning to play golf. You can take a week of lessons, hit a bunch of balls on the driving range, and then hop on the course to play. Or, you can take a week of lessons, hit a bunch of balls on the driving range, and then have a golf pro play a round of golf with you every week. The golf pro will check your swing each week, make adjustments, and give you playing tips. At the end of the summer, which learning method do you think would produce the best results?
Standard Classroom Training
Add Sales Mastery on Demand
Then add reinforcement and embedded training
And add performance coaching

Classroom Training

Re-imagine your idea of boring classroom training. Our workshops are highly interactive, customizable to your exact goals, and proven to translate to real-life behavior change. In addition, our most popular courses come bundled with ReCall, our learning reinforcement tool, to protect your investment.

Public Workshops: Available throughout the country in over 20 cities. Perfect for individuals or small groups. See the schedule here. To make this learning experience even better, all of our publicly-offered courses come with our ReCall learning reinforcement tool to protect your investment.

Private Workshops: We bring the workshop to you! These are available in an off-the-shelf format, or with customized features created to meet your specific KPIs.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is available on ALL of our courses to help you manage your costs. Instead of travelling to our course location or yours, we can conduct all of our courses virtually. This is especially helpful when your learners are spread out geographically, making it hard to conduct our courses in one central location.

E-learning Video Libraries/Sales Mastery Training

Your Sales Mastery On Demand subscription will provide you with 24 x 7 access to a library of more than 140 videos and tools covering every aspect of the selling process. From research and preparation to closing techniques, this collection contains tips and tools for all your needs. Resources include in-depth material on effective sales processes, management and coaching tips, negotiation strategies, and presentation skills presented by Tony Robbins, Walter Rogers and other leading sales experts.

Highlights: 24/7 access, works on any internet enabled device (mobile, tablets and desktops), improves sales, sales management, negotiations and presentation skills, over 140 videos and printable tools

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Learning Retention Tools

Where BCI really stands out is in our Learning Retention Tools. These start with our KnowledgeNow and MessageNow products that embed training right inside your CRM. That puts the learning right in the middle of the learner's workflow, and reinforces key concepts just when they're needed the most.


Training and Coaching are vastly different and often misunderstood. Training is the “development of a skill.” Coaching is the “application of a skill in a real work environment.” In order to properly coach someone, they must possess a base set of skills that are used by the coach for mentoring in real customer situations.

In general, training is conducted with simulations and hypotheticals, not real customers. Peak Performance Coaching is an extension of solid training curriculum which anchors sustainable skills by directly linking application and feedback to live customer situations.

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