Designed for sales managers who need a more disciplined and structured process for generating qualified pipeline and accelerating conversions to close through the sales process.

The Rev Gen plays deliver realistic best practices to enable the participants to learn how to capture new accounts, reactivate dormant accounts, the cross selling between product types and how to increase year-over-year spend in current clients.

We build a weekly cadence with each manager/team of performance coaching to develop skills and behaviors supporting the development of new opportunities. Structured project management ensures the solution fits with your business.

* All courses marked "CUSTOM" require additional discovery and content modification (Usually a minimum of 6 weeks) to match your specific needs. We have several thousand learning modules that can be utilized to make these courses unique to your needs. We can also modify all of our courses with your logos, colors, and naming conventions. Contact us to begin the process.

Customer Success

From 2013-2017, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has run over 30 Sales Plays globally, achieving an average of 134% increase in pipeline created quarter-over-quarter. That targeted accomplishment has created a 32% increase in opportunities created quarter-over-quarter.

"Prospecting is the calisthenics of sales, and everybody should be prospecting. I’ve worked with Baker Communications in more than 5 companies spanning 25 years. They are a strategic partner that continues to help me fine tune the way sellers create customer value and obsess over customer needs.

Mike Clayville, VP, Amazon Web Services

Delivery Methods

Our Rev Gen Plays are available in a variety of formats to best match your needs. Click the Delivery Methods below to learn more.

Private Workshops
We bring the training to your location. Available in an off-the-shelf format, or with customized features created to meet your requirements.
Virtual Coaching
Delivered totally online to cut out travel costs, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.
24/7 access to award-winning negotiation training, learn and practice critical skills anytime, anywhere, on any device, over 100 interactive videos designed to maximize engagement.

Other Sales Training

Each of our sales training solutions is led by one of our certified professional sales trainers - all of whom are expert sales people and facilitators with a proven ability to tailor the training to your specific goals.

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