The revolutionary instant video communication feature within the KnowledgeNow platform

  • Engage and educate like never before with videos that your team will want to watch.
  • Instantly record and send videos anytime, anywhere – all you need is your mobile device and the app.
  • Quickly publish your video messages to specific groups of Salesforce® users to watch next time they login.
  • Share with small groups, an organization, or your entire company.
  • Compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Featured Success Story

Within two days of initially deploying KnowledgeNow, we received an email from a new sales rep. While working in her Salesforce. com account, she took 45 seconds to view a KnowledgeNow CloudCoach video prepared by one of our VPs describing a new selling solution process, and another 30 seconds to review the three examples of how to use it that were attached.

By implementing this new learning during her next sales call, she turned what had been projected to be a single-year deal into a multi-year deal.

Leyna Hoffer, Sales Systems Manager, Edmentum, Inc.

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