Coaching Inside Salesforce

How it works

KnowledgeNow lets you place "cloud coaches" (a.k.a. videos of trainers, your company leaders, etc.) right inside Salesforce, giving your team 24/7 access to the information and support they need.

KnowledgeNow's patented technology is 100% native to Salesforce and integrates with Salesforce reporting.

The platform also integrates seamlessly into any LMS, CRM, or other platform - ask our team for details.

  • KnowledgeNow (KN) is a patented video platform that helps you embed training right into the seller's work stream;
  • MessageNow (MN) allows you to instantly record and send videos from your mobile phone to a specific group of Salesforce end users;
  • KN and MN works on mobile and desktop devices;

Keep Coaching Fresh, Relevant, and Accessible

With KnowledgeNow, you share the news, tools, data, and support your team needs when and where they need it.

  • Embed coaching videos and micro-learning content from our library
  • Link directly to relevant content and tools along with your videos.
  • Capture, publish, and share videos instantly from your mobile device
  • Create professional videos on your own or with our team

Train, coach & communicate on the go and in the moment with KnowledgeNow.

More than text or basic training, coaching within Salesforce makes it easy to get beyond how things are done and show why they matter.
  • Enable sales productivity
  • Inspire winning behaviors
  • Speed up onboarding
  • Increase learning retention
  • Drive engagement
  • Reduce training costs
  • Maximize Salesforce capabilities
  • Stay connected & aligned

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