Course Outcomes:

  • Implement effective and easy interview preparation steps
  • Understand how to conduct a goal-directed interview
  • Develop effective questioning and listening skills
  • Ascertain whether or not an applicant is a good candidate
  • Understand and comply with EEO’s rules and guidelines
  • Effectively interpret employment data
  • Demonstrate how to open the interview and put an applicant at ease
  • Create consistent recruiting and screening policies

Feeling lost while interviewing potential candidates?

The financial health of your organization becomes increasingly important. Vigorous and careful screening of potential employees is a critical piece of the puzzle. Preparing your team to perform engaged, focused, and effective interviews will provide your organization with the best pool of high quality talent.

This highly interactive process allows all participants to understand how to conduct consistent face-to-face interviews that allow the organization to make the right selection. Strategic use of interview questions and effective listening skills will help you gather key information and improve understanding.

One of the manager’s most important responsibilities is interviewing employees for the team. Hiring the right people for your team is crucial for your success. Knowing how to implement an effective hiring process in the first place will make your job easier and your team better.

The screening process of potential employees is key to being able to hire people who will add tremendous value to your team. It is important that your company prepares each hiring manager to become the best at selecting the right people, for the right job, at the right time.

BCI can support your hiring process with its best in class sales candidate analyzer and assessment. Lets discuss how this tool can shorten your interviewing cycle and increase your hiring effectiveness.

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