"The Cloud is the Biggest Technology Shift of our Lifetime"

Andy Jassy CEO of Amazon Web Services

Cloud Center of Excellence

The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow from $186.4 billion in 2018 to $302 billion in 2021, according to Gartner, Inc. The fastest-growing segment of the market is cloud system infrastructure services (IaaS), which is forecast to grow 35.9 percent in 2018 to reach $40.8 billion.

2018 2019 2020 2021
Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) $46.4B $50.1B $54.1B $58.4B
Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) $15.0B $18.6B $22.7B $27.3B
Cloud Application Services (SaaS) $73.6B $87.2B $101.9B $117.1B
Cloud Management and Security Services $10.5B $12.3B $14.1B $16.1B
Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) $40.8B $52.9B $67.4B $83.5B
Total Market
Source: Gartner
$186.4B 221.1B $260.2B $302.4B

If you are buying or selling any of these services, you are or will soon experience a fundamental shift in your approach. Traditional methods of assessing how IT can enable corporate growth strategies and how IT sales teams should position and enable their offerings to business leaders are being replaced by offerings that create specific business outcomes.

The BCI Cloud Center of Excellence offers solutions for enterprise leaders that influence digital transformation strategies as well as IT sales teams responsible for crafting solutions that help enterprises meet their outcomes. Projects are led by industry experts (this should be a hyper link to a page where we will put bios) that include former CXO's from various functional areas to bring real-life situations into the workshops and transformational activities.

  • For Enterprise Leaders - a guided approach for creating a digital transformation playbook based on research, frameworks and tools from Columbia University

  • For Sales Teams - a cloud selling system that resonates with modern IT buyers based on nearly 6 years of experience helping Amazon Web Services and cloud providers in the upper right Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • Financial Tools - world class tools that programmatically assess Total Cost of ownership and Public Cloud optimized pricing options

Find out how BCI can help you re-think your approach.

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More than 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started as a storage services. Today, it offers more than 70 services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile and enterprise applications. AWS announced 722 new features and services last year making it one the most innovative cloud-storage companies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is being honored as #2 Learning! 100 company this year, thanks to its Outcome Based Account Management (OBAM) program working in partnership with Baker Communications. Consistent with the Amazon Leadership Principle of Customer Obsession, the OBAM methodology works backward from customers, defining success through their eyes based on their unique needs and target outcomes. As is common at Amazon, the development of OBAM involved extensive experimentation that spanned more than two years to identify and refine best practices for helping buyers buy. OBAM provides the AWS field organization with a common foundation and universal approach focused on enabling customer success.

Engaging, personalized and 100% on are three ways I would describe this training. The preparation that’s put into these engagements is evident and leads to the success of the team and the training. One notices that the facilitator spent hours understanding the audience, what motivates them, and who they are as people. It was clear the time spent upfront creates a personalized touch to each training venue."

Jeff Aden,
EVP of Marketing & Strategic Business
Development & Co-Founder 2nd Watch

"The team's feedback was outstanding, but most importantly they put these new skills to use immediately and, I have no doubt, led to sales that otherwise may have gone the other way. We continue to work with the Baker Communications Team and I am happy to give them a strong recommendation for any organization looking to improve the ability of their sales team to understand client drivers and win more deals. Rep productivity increased by 25% in terms of quarterly sales bookings & pipeline increased by 30%. That translates to $1.5M in annualized revenue and $6M in pipeline."

Paul Jacoby,
SVP of Sales and Client Services, Logicworks 2nd Watch