"The Cloud is the Biggest Technology Shift of our Lifetime"

Andy Jassy CEO of Amazon Web Services

Digital Transformation Center of Excellence

The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow from $186.4 billion in 2018 to $302 billion in 2021, according to Gartner, Inc. The fastest-growing segment of the market is cloud system infrastructure services (SaaS), which is forecast to grow 35.9 percent in 2018 to reach $40.8 billion.

2018 2019 2020 2021
Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) $46.4B $50.1B $54.1B $58.4B
Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) $15.0B $18.6B $22.7B $27.3B
Cloud Application Services (SaaS) $73.6B $87.2B $101.9B $117.1B
Cloud Management and Security Services $10.5B $12.3B $14.1B $16.1B
Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) $40.8B $52.9B $67.4B $83.5B
Total Market
Source: Gartner
$186.4B 221.1B $260.2B $302.4B

Enterprise cloud spend is significant and growing quickly.

  • 26 percent of enterprises spend more than $6 million a year on public cloud, and 52 percent spend more than $1.2 million annually.
  • 20 percent of enterprises plan to more than double public cloud spend in 2018, and 71 percent will grow public cloud spend more than 20 percent.

If you are buying or selling any of these services, you are or will soon experience a fundamental shift in your approach. Traditional methods of assessing how IT can enable corporate growth strategies and how IT sales teams should position and enable their offerings to business leaders are being replaced by offerings that create specific business outcomes.

The BCI Digital Transformation Center of Excellence offers solutions for enterprise leaders that influence digital transformation strategies as well as IT sales teams responsible for crafting solutions that help enterprises meet their outcomes. Projects are led by industry experts that include former CXO's from various functional areas to bring real-life situations into the workshops and transformational activities.

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More than 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started as a storage services. Today, it offers more than 70 services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile and enterprise applications. AWS announced 722 new features and services last year making it one the most innovative cloud-storage companies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is being honored as #2 Learning! 100 company this year, thanks to its Outcome Based Account Management (OBAM) program working in partnership with Baker Communications. Consistent with the Amazon Leadership Principle of Customer Obsession, the OBAM methodology works backward from customers, defining success through their eyes based on their unique needs and target outcomes. As is common at Amazon, the development of OBAM involved extensive experimentation that spanned more than two years to identify and refine best practices for helping buyers buy. OBAM provides the AWS field organization with a common foundation and universal approach focused on enabling customer success.

Engaging, personalized and 100% on are three ways I would describe this training. The preparation that’s put into these engagements is evident and leads to the success of the team and the training. One notices that the facilitator spent hours understanding the audience, what motivates them, and who they are as people. It was clear the time spent upfront creates a personalized touch to each training venue."

Jeff Aden,
EVP of Marketing & Strategic Business
Development & Co-Founder 2nd Watch

"The team's feedback was outstanding, but most importantly they put these new skills to use immediately and, I have no doubt, led to sales that otherwise may have gone the other way. We continue to work with the Baker Communications Team and I am happy to give them a strong recommendation for any organization looking to improve the ability of their sales team to understand client drivers and win more deals. Rep productivity increased by 25% in terms of quarterly sales bookings & pipeline increased by 30%. That translates to $1.5M in annualized revenue and $6M in pipeline."

Paul Jacoby,
SVP of Sales and Client Services, Logicworks 2nd Watch

It's been my good fortune to have created and lead businesses that have operated in 13 countries on 3 continents. I am currently the Chairman and Co-Founder of CloudChomp and Chairman and CEO of Baker Communications. CloudChomp is a software company that helps organizations programmatically assess cloud migration opportunities, and Baker Communications is a consulting firm that helps enterprises create, implement and sustain sales effectiveness projects for companies including Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile, SAP, and many others. Prior to my current roles, I founded and created successful exit events for two software companies. (1) Asset Optimization Group: an IT capacity planning software provider acquired by VMware. (2) CertiSource: a cloud based transaction management provider serving customers including EDS, HP and Arthur Andersen, ultimately acquired by VerticalNet. Prior to founding my first company, I was Vice President of Asia Pacific Marketing for Marcam, a process ERP Software Company. Throughout my career I have been interviewed on over 100 shows on CNN, CBS and ABC on the topics of Corporate Productivity, Sales and CRM.

I live my life and serve my customers based off of a couple of significant beliefs which are well described by the following quotes: - "Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi - "The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty." Zig Ziglar - "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." Will Durant I believe in serving customers with the same respect as ones own family. Bringing to the workplace high morals and integrity, loyalty and truthfulness. If we can help our customers to better serve their customers and successfully and constantly deliver results then we have been successful in our partnership. And we can only do that by constantly adding value. As Tiffany Bova says, customer experience is the last differentiator and thus why I have chosen to put my focus here, from a place of honesty, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty. I believe that by building trust through constant actions that show customers that we are more concerned with helping them achieve THEIR outcomes than closing the next sale then the rest takes care of itself. #CARPEDIEM #BETHECHANGE #GROWTHMINDSET

As a twenty-six year proven sales and service leader, my experience, drive, and passion for excellence has earned me the right to effectively coach, train, and develop the teams I lead. I excel in sales strategy development and designing programs that result in flawless execution. Through a commitment to "the AMAZING" I have created teams filled with high standards, excitement, and strong self-management skills; laser-focused on producing results that add value to the company and the customer.

A dynamic leader who offers a track record of success in providing exceptional coaching, strategic planning and direction to help clients succeed.

Hello, I'm Michael Crain the Sr. Vice President for BCI. My tenure & passion is deeply embedded in collaborating with Fortune 1000 organizations & dedicated professionals to close the gap between what they want to achieve but haven't yet. Our customers say we contribute to their success following a 3-step approach:
#1 Relevant Training - All delivered best practices are real-world and measurable
#2 Attendee Engagement - Every engagement is built to ensure everyone is actively involved
#3 Solution Adoption - Our reputation is built on providing tools that reinforce & support adoption (ROI)

GE, SAP, Amazon/AWS, Honeywell, ExxonMobil, Activision, VISA, Dell, Salesforce, Red Bull, and Sysco are just a few of those we proudly collaborate with and their success is at the center of everything we do. I am eager to do the same for you. Lets team up - my cell 520.483.4002

"I collaborated with Michael on designing our worldwide account management methodology. He provides great insights & tools, is patient and considerate & delivers high quality work. He was instrumental in delivering the outcome"
Tony van den Berge - Enterprise Leader - Amazon Web Services

"…most remarkable is that our team is already extremely talented and yet Michael continues to receive affirmation and endorsements that he delivers current-day best practices that equip our team to reach their next level of excellence!"
• Mycaah Rodriquez - Business Dev.- Global Solutions / SAP

"I would get Michael back at any stage to continue to drive the results he helped us produce."
• Paul Williamson - Head of Revenue & Strategy / VISA

"The training Michael provided to us a couple of months ago was extremely valuable in my "Hunting" efforts at Salesforce.com"
• Jason Michalak - SR. Executive / Salesforce.com

I empower people to perform at their peak in the areas of life they deem most meaningful.

I possess a strong background in business with over 25 years of experience in inside/outside sales, sales management, customer service, supply chain management, operations, international business consulting, and corporate education. I am an engaging and talented facilitator with a results-oriented and highly informative style. While working with large corporations specifically in the technology industry, I have provided training at the local, corporate, and national levels in person as well as virtually. I have extensive experience in sales, negotiations, presentations and strategy development across multiple industries, geographies and industries.
I have led teams in developing and implementing successful sales, marketing and coaching strategies. I've implemented sales training systems that have created an immediate positive impact on sales growth and performance for my clients. My record of success is fueled by an ability to identify opportunities for increasing efficiency, improving personnel performance and manageing growth in rapidly changing environments.

I am a practical professional who enjoys sharing my extended knowledge and experience with other sales professionals allowing them to develop and become even more successful.
"Our continued success and increase in sales productivity is due to David and we look forward to more successful interactions with David."

Engaging as a smart, charismatic sales and business training professional, I have a level of creativity that effectively enhances sales and leadership skills.
"David's confidence, energy, knowledge and tenacity have challenged us to deliver exceptional results time and time again."

I have a proven successful track record of delivering bottom line results that highlight my flexibility, wealth of experience and problem solving skills that will resonate with all sales personnel and business leaders.
"Most highly effective sales and leader coach that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting."

"I was just wondering if you could help me find my way" enquired Alice
"Well that depends on where you want to get to" purred the Cheshire Cat
"Oh, it really doesn't matter" Alice replied
"Then it really, really doesn't matter which way you go" grinned the cat.
…and therein lays the challenge!
It is estimated that fewer than 30% of people set themselves goals, and of this only a small percentage have them clearly defined and written down. The research varies on the actual number but what doesn't change is the fact that successful people set themselves ambitious goals. Oh yes, and then they take decisive action.
So why doesn't everyone do this? Well, what about your goals, how clearly defined are they? Do you even have goals? And even if you have, are you acting on them everyday?
Some people don't understand the value of goal setting. Some don't know how. Some people may fear failure or rejection. Some even fear success; weird right! Some people want to go with the flow and be like Alice. And some even claim they don't have the time. [NOTE: LinkedIn has removed my response to this final point due to too many expletives]
…and so this is the opportunity to change!
I am passionate about helping individuals and teams succeed. My aim is to help people be the best that they can be (I've unashamedly pinched this from the motto of the primary school that my son and daughters attend).
I believe coaching is all about a professional partnership that facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning, and personal growth. It's a relationship that supports the achievement of extraordinary results based on clearly defined goals, and is founded on mutual trust and respect.
It is said that if you can earn a living doing what you love, you need never work a day in your life again. What I do certainly doesn't feel like work, but it does produce amazing results.
? Feel free to get in touch on 07786 525252 or email hello@simonjackson.co

A leader with huge passion, energy, drive and extensive experience of consistently delivering results. With more than twenty years within the pharmaceutical industry, seventeen within a leadership role, Lisa is an experienced performance coach & facilitator. Lisa builds rapport and trust quickly, to ensure a thorough understanding of any situation, in order to apply her extensive experience, commercial knowledge, & coaching ability to optimise people & organisational development and ultimately business performance. Lisa is also a successful business owner within the Childcare Industry equipping her with a vast array of transferable skills that can be applied to other industries & sectors.

I have more than 20 years of consulting and training experience for local and global companies in APAC region.
Prior to moving to Singapore, I was based in Tokyo and worked for a management consulting firm assisting foreign firms entering the Japanese market to set up new business operations. On this basis, I led my team and broadened my skills with experience in over dozens consulting and training assignments spanning across the bio-technology, civil engineering, financial services, healthcare, and medical.
As a professional trainer and facilitator, I am well versed in leadership transition and change management challenges, particularly with multicultural and matrix teams. My strengths lie in balancing a methodological approach with cultural sensitivities and ensuring clients gain direct benefits from organisational development initiatives.
I also share my experiences of being a people manager and a team leader, and utilize various profiles and assessments as a business coach, a service that I deliver throughout the APAC region, from India to Japan, for Fortune 500 companies. I am fluent in English and Japanese, and very familiar with different working behaviors, management styles and leadership methodologies, with particular focus on cultural diversity challenges.
Further, my experience includes helping teams improve operational effectiveness and sales force optimization. Especially in sales skills development, as I am familiar with B to B, B to C, and channel sales, I have been training more than 300 sales people annually for last 5 years.

I love to see people changing for good and create positive impact in the organization and society. Now I am fortunate to use my unique strengths in the area I am passionate about and I believe this is the path to realize my life purpose.
Eric's professional background has been centered on the technology industry, covering the full rang of product cycle, from product development and production through sales, marketing, and distribution. The companies he has worked for (NEC, National Semiconductor(TI), Altera (Intel), and Xilinx) span small enterprise in Taiwan, Fortune 500 businesses in the U.S., and a well-known regional distributor in Greater China.
"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today ?" - Steve Jobs
"The work that gets done when no one is watching. In a high standards culture, doing that work well is its own reward - it's part of what it means to be a professional." - Jeff Bezos
"Four elements of high standards as we see it: they are "Teachable", they are "Domain Specific", you must "Recognize" them, and you must explicitly "Coach" realistic scope. " - Jeff Bezos
"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage." - Jack Welch
"Entrepreneurship is fundamental human attribute. They see problems in our society and provides solutions. Our world needs more of it." - Reid Hoffman
I believe in doing good and good will come to you !!

With a career spanning almost 30-years I am proud to say my entire professional life has been lived in sales where I have enjoyed success as a result of my own efforts, as a member of high performing teams and by building and leading high performing teams.
I enjoy nothing more than working with sales leaders, salespeople and sales teams to unleash their full potential. By tailoring our services and programs to address specific needs we enable sales professionals and the organisations they work for to achieve and sustain the kind of positive behaviour changes that produce results.
Anyone can learn how to sell. That is if you think selling is simply about following the steps of a choreographed sales process or mastering the latest selling techniques. But of course it isn't, at least not any more. We're now living in a VUCA world. That is we're all faced with more Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity than ever before.
Added to this environment is the fact that there are numerous other companies selling products and services that are just as good as yours, and the people selling them are likely to be just as knowledgeable as you are. What may have worked before simply doesn't work any longer.
With all this going on I believe that salespeople can be the answer to all this fog and complexity, and become a force for positive change in the world whilst at the same time accelerating success and fulfillment for all stakeholders. However, we need to be much more than in the past.
I am a passionate believer in the principles and values that connect people and allow us to achieve more together. Sales at its core is about human connection and my purpose is to break down the barriers between buyers and sellers so that together we can change the world.
Salespeople can be a powerful force for good in the world - now that's a purpose I can believe in. If you can too let's talk. Maybe we can make it happen together.

Enthusiastic learning and development practitioner with substantial banking experience and talent developing learning strategies and solutions, aligned to business's needs and employees' performance.
Recognized for being resourceful, adaptive, collaborative, flexible, creative, and valued partner
Highlighted Experience and Skills
15+ years' learning and development experience in fast-paced, dynamic work environment
Stakeholder management, with strong cross-functional teams, business unit leaders/stakeholders, subject matter experts (SME), and third-party vendors relationships
Consultative learning needs assessment
Project management and large-scale implementation
Curriculum/program design, reporting, budget, communication, and maintenance
Training curriculum and content development; grounded in sound adult learning and instructional design concepts

Sang Hoon "Bruce" Lee has over ten years of B2B sales and marketing experience and has been offering consulting and training services for several years. His areas of expertise include management development programs for middle management and leadership pipeline, sales and sales management coaching, management and leadership in commercial enterprise, and sales communications such as presentation, storytelling, sales negotiations and persuasive speaking.

Enthusiastic learning and development practitioner with substantial banking experience and talent developing learning strategies and solutions, aligned to business's needs and employees' performance.
Recognized for being resourceful, adaptive, collaborative, flexible, creative, and valued partner
Highlighted Experience and Skills
15+ years' learning and development experience in fast-paced, dynamic work environment
Stakeholder management, with strong cross-functional teams, business unit leaders/stakeholders, subject matter experts (SME), and third-party vendors relationships
Consultative learning needs assessment
Project management and large-scale implementation
Curriculum/program design, reporting, budget, communication, and maintenance
Training curriculum and content development; grounded in sound adult learning and instructional design concepts